Simon McCheung Photo Series “Interstellar” Shows That We’re Living Inside A Bubble

With a glass fish bowl underneath his arms, the self-taught photographer and graphic designer Simon McCheung travelled from his hometown London to Iceland to create his photo series “Interstellar”. Looking for the unfamiliar landscapes, he wanted to explore a strange new world. I’ve chosen Iceland because I know they are known for their almost alien and amazing landscapes. So alien that I thought it would be fitting to create a theme on space exploration and extraordinary worlds, said Simon in an interview with MOVE.

The man in this photo series, looking like an astronaut, is sharing a story. On the one hand side he is presenting the beauty of the alienated country Iceland, where climate change is affecting the environment. On a deeper level McCheung shares a broader story: “The bubble was the metaphor for the created world that we all live so comfortably, such as distractions in media, social life etc. It is pretty much as the saying goes ‘Living inside a bubble’, to be unaware of the urgent issues happening in the world that could affect the balance of your own life.”