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Trend Agency Move analyses the future and is aware of the trends and developments within the appearance and lifestyle industry. Trend Agency Move offers sociocultural trend insights, and helps creating strategies and innovative concepts for businesses and organizations. The trend research has a global orientation, and the given trend advice is about consumer trends, market trends, and offers design strategies. The design strategy contains colour trends for the coming season.

Trend Agency Move has its clients in retail, fashion and beauty, that are also related to technology, sports, travelling, and media. The agency is based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The services


This is the most requested service for brands, as it forms the basis for new ideas, concepts and designs for a new season. The trend book shows sociocultural trends and is a guideline for new concepts and brand strategies.

TREND Presentation

Trendwatcher Renske Mennen gives trend presentations at conferences, but also at intimate settings in companies and organizations. You can make a booking for a certain trend presentation that is related to appearance and lifestyle.

Trend Consult

A trend consult is an intimate one-to-one session, where we dive deeper into the trends and developments. The kick-off of the creation of the trend implementation in your brand or organisation, will be done together.

Move- Membership

Be the first one to know about the latest spotted trends, and stay ahead of the market. The membership offers the Seasonal Trend Book  + updates about trends and developments in the meantime.

How Trend Agency Move works

The Services

Trend Agency Move researches consumer and market trends. Due to the ongoing global research and hunt of the innovators, the new trends are spotted at a very early stage.

Every season Trend Agency Move offers an overview of the design strategy trends that are dominating the season.


Cultural shifts in society are influencing the market and the design process. By understanding the link between these developments on different levels, trends make much more sense. It makes it easy to understand why a trend is important.


Trend Agency Move shares its trend insight via keynote presentations, a seasonal digital trend book, trend consults, and via the Move-Membership.

Trend Movement


The trend book is the guideline for new concepts, innovations and business strategies in several industries, related to appearance and lifestyle. The trend book is popular in design departments, and for marketers and design strategists from international brands. 


The trend book covers all the trends that are influencing the market. The visual and understandable trend book is a guideline for new concepts and brand strategies.

Future Visions


The podcast Future Visions by Trend Agency Move gives you insight in the future of  the appearance and lifestyle industry. Each episode another innovator within these branches will be interviewed by trendwatcher Renske Mennen. The goal is to explain what you can expect from the future. We are spotters of consumer and market trends, focussing at the appearance and lifestyle industry. What can you expect from your future customer? What are their latent needs and desires in an ever evolving world? We offer you trendinsights, that help you to stay connected with your customer in a trend savvy way.

Recorded & music by: Alec Todd

Edited by: Daniel van Haren


Check out what customers say

“I believe her work is at the crossroads between 3 of the most considerable things in this world: tolerance, the necessity of a shared purpose, and expression through arts.”

Geoffrey SYLVAIN | Digital Manager chez Messe Frankfurt France

“At Beauty Trade Festival, Renske gave a presentation about the future of Retail and the most important trends in retail within the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industry. According to our visitors, she had a strong substantive and inspiring story.”

Morris van der Poel | Event Coördinator MGen | Marketing Generation