Trend Agency Move offers trend insights and creates strategies and innovative concepts for businesses and organizations.


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Consumer trends, market trends, design trends


Trend Agency Move analyses the future and is aware of the trends and developments within the appearance and lifestyle industry. Trend Agency Move offers trend insights and creates strategies and innovative concepts for businesses and organizations. The trend research has a global orientation, and the given trend advice is about consumer trends, market trends, and offers design strategies. The design strategy contains colour trends for the coming season.


Trend Agency Move has its clients in retail, fashion and beauty, that are also related to technology, sports, travelling, and media. The agency is based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


the reason why trend agency move exists...


Trend Agency Move was founded by trend watcher Renske Mennen in 2016. She established the agency to serve companies and organizations who wish to create a better future. By knowing what is now and what is next, it is possible to come up with concepts and design strategies which make this world a more beloved place to live. Trendwatcher Renske Mennen: “I do this all for the growth of care, confidence and respect for our future-self.”


Photo by © Studio Anne Kirsten

Future Visions

Podcast Future Visions

The podcast Future Visions by Trend Agency Move gives you insight in the future of  the appearance and lifestyle industry. Each episode another innovator within these branches will be interviewed by trendwatcher Renske Mennen. The goal is to explain what you can expect from the future. We are spotters of consumer and market trends, focussing at the appearance and lifestyle industry. What can you expect from your future customer? What are their latent needs and desires in an ever evolving world? We offer you trendinsights, that help you to stay connected with your customer in a trend savvy way.


Recorded & music by: Alec Todd

Edited by: Daniel van Haren

What makes Trend Agency Move unique?

Trend Agency Move is doing trend research 24/7, which means that you always receive trend advice that is extremely up-to-date. Trendwatcher Renske Mennen is the brain behind Trend Agency Move. She has a Batchelor Degree in Trend Research and Concept Creation. This means Renske is an expert in trend forecasting and understands the whole process: from the beginning of a trend, the ‘why’ of a trend, until the trend implementation for a certain brand. The combination of these skills makes Trend Agency Move unique, and a trend agency to rely on.