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This Fashion Trend Book Issue #0 explains consumer trends regarding a sustainable fashion system. It shows the sustainable transition within the fashion industry till 2024. We are spotters of sociocultural- and market trends, focussing at the fashion and lifestyle industry. What can you expect from your future customer? What are their latent needs in an ever evolving world?

With the two-yearly publication of MOVEMENT we give you trend insights, that help you to stay connected with your customer in a trend savvy way. The digital book offers new conceptual ideas for your business or organisation in regard to current trends and developments.




Trend Agency MOVE is a trend forecasting agency. This trend book explains the trends and developments for the next five years on a sociocultural- and a market level. Innovative trendsetters are spotted by trendwatcher Renske Mennen. This book makes clear what the upcoming trends are, and how they are analysed. What are the ideations of the trendsetters, and why is this so impactful for the future of the sustainable fashion system? How should you, as a company, respond to the sustainable fashion system, which is in transition, so you won’t lose contact with your customer? These questions are answered in this trend book. To summarize: this book offers new conceptual ideas for businesses and organizations with regard to current trends and developments. This way you stay connected to your customers in a trend-conscious way.