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Trend Movement SS22 explains the leading trends on a societal, consumer, market and design-level. The publications offer trend insights that help you to stay connected with your customer in a trend savvy way. It explains the societal trends, offers conceptual ideas and translates these into colours and shapes that offer inspiration for product development and design, in several industries.


This visual and textual trend book is your guideline for new concepts and brand strategies in markets like retail, fashion, beauty, technology, sports, home decor, media, marketing and other lifestyle-related industries. Also manufacturers in fashion are keen on the leading trends for the next season.


This trend book is digital, and you will receive a unique download code. Trend Movement has its own colour system. For more questions about the colour system, or if you wish to receive a hard copy book, please contact


Personal note from trendwatcher Renske Mennen:

This trend book is created for all the creatives out there, who dare to choose for a certain lifestyle. For all the designers, marketers and brand strategists who are reading this, I have a message. If you know who you are, if you wish to add value with your work to Planet Earth and if you are confident enough to make a choice about the message you’re communicating with the World, then this trend book is written for you. Because: then we are communicating on the same level. I am pleased to meet you.


Trend Agency MOVE is a trend forecasting agency. This trend book explains trends and developments for the next season on a sociocultural and a market level. The consumer, market, and design trends are spotted by trendwatcher Renske Mennen.