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The most requested service of Trend Agency Move

Trend Book

The trend book is the guideline for new concepts, innovations and business strategies in several industries, related to appearance and lifestyle. The trend book is popular in design departments, and for marketers and design strategists from international brands. 


This is the most requested service for brands, as it forms the basis for new ideas, concepts and designs for a new season. The seasonal (digital) trend books guide you through the following subjects;


/ Consumer trends

/ Market trends

/ The innovators

/ Design Strategy


The trend book covers all the trends that are influencing the market. The visual and understandable trend book is a guideline for new concepts and brand strategies.





Brands who ignore trends ...

Brands who ignore trends that are happening in other industries might miss the boat, because trends are touching all the different branches. It depends on time and place when it happens. The research of Trend Agency Move provides a broad look into different markets, which assures you are fully up to date.