Trend Agency Move offers trend insights and creates strategies and innovative concepts for businesses and organizations.


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How trend agency move works

The Services

The trend forecasting agency analyses the society, researches consumer and market trends, and pin-points the cultural shifts. This trend analysis makes companies, organizations and institutions able to come up with ideas and innovations that suit the now, and the near-future.

Trend Agency Move offers its clients the possibility to take the first necessary steps of the trend implementation together. This gives you the opportunity to have thorough innovative ideas.

Trendwatcher and founder Renske Mennen has a natural curiosity about why things are changing in a society. She knows how to analyse the trends and developments on a deeper level. This forms the basis of the company.

Key Services:

/ Sociocultural trend insights

/ Consumer insights

/ Market trend

/ Retail trend

/ Design strategy

/ One-to-one trend advice

/ Trend consultancy

/ Keynote presentation

/ Trend book global



Trend Agency Move’s services are used by strategists, designers and marketers from international brands.

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Trend booK
TREND Presentation
Trend Consult
Move Membership


Trend Agency Move offers trend guidance. The trend guidance can be requested on specific topics. The unique request about specific trend information can be gained in different ways, like a trend presentation or a one-to-one trend consult, and the most popular service: the trend book.


Additional to these services, the Move-Membership is a popular service that offers trend-insights on an ongoing basis. Every two months you’ll receive a deeply analysed update about the market.